True Sense Massage Therapy

  As our first blog post I am thrilled to get the chance to share my go to massage therapist.  As a hairstylist of 12 years and now two kids later, massage therapy has now turned into more maintenance for the body then a luxury treatment I would do here and there when I was younger. I have been using Ieshia for years. She was actually the first therapist I got when the foot palace first open in Athens.  I have to admit as I started getting older and more years underneath my belt with hair I started to become more picky when it came to massage therapist, because I tend to really need trigger points to be dealt with around my neck and shoulders. Needless to say, when I got booked with her, it was my lucky day that day at the foot palace because I was in pain that day from hair all day. Ieshia listen to all my concerns and helped me from getting a tension migraine that day. From that day forward I would see her regularly until she broke my heart to tell me she was moving because her husband was in the marines. 

  Fast Forward to this past year, I was on Facebook a few months a go and saw on my newsfeed that she had posted she was back in the Athens area and was now pursuing her own massage business called True Sense. She was now doing safe covid friendly at home visits, bringing her own massage table, hot stones, and everything else you need for a relaxing spa experience. The pandemic had made her realize people were not venturing out because of businesses being closed and taking  precautions of their health. I immediately jumped on it and booked with her for my husband and I.(Which we now do with her every 6 weeks.) This has been such a blessing to have her bring massage to us with covid and two small kids. We can both take turns getting a massage while the other watches the children. 

 When I realized I was ready to add a blog to my website to share my favorite make up tricks, highlight other talented cosmetologist, and lifestyle enjoyments of mine, I could not think of a better person to do my first post on.  I asked Iesha besides covid what else fueled her to become her own boss. She explained to me being a new mom having the flexibility to be a mom and do what she loves was a big part. She also thought of how many people were in need of massage therapy during this time. She believes massage is maintenance for the body as we get older. If we do not feel good we cannot handle all the other stuff that life throws at us. Her family also has  a long line of being entrepreneurs so it runs in her DNA too, if you ask me!

Below I am putting her online booking link for her. Please do yourself favor and experience a professional relaxing spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.


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